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Web pricing

There are no 'off-the-peg solutions' here - every client has different needs for their website and your site will be tailored to your needs. Often what people think they need their website to do at the outset can change as they find out what's possible, and it can adapt as the project goes on, so it's good to think carefully what you need, we can discuss this early on to give you a realistic price for building your website.

Laptop with generic website graphic
Initial web site design and build
  • From £700 - using a pre-built 'theme' adapted with your logo
  • From £1000 - to design and build a custom theme unique to you and your branding

After getting an idea of your requirements, ideally in a meeting, I can prepare a brief with costs detailing what that will include. If over the course of development the brief needs to change, we will discuss and agree the extra costs.

Web hosting & Domain names
  • Packages start from £50/year

Visit web hosting and domain names to find out more.

Maintenance costs
  • Security from £40/yr

Depending on the approach we agree on for your web site - if you have a Content Management System (see Editing your website) then it will need security updates applied to its software throughout the year, this starts at £40/yr depending on the system we choose - to avoid disasters - updates can sometimes go wrong, or affect the styling of the site in unexpected ways - I always test the updates on a local copy of the site first, to make sure it's safe to update the 'live' version.

  • Extra work £40/hr

If you have a content management system, then you can add and edit as much of the content on the site as you're comfortable doing. If you decide you'd rather pay to have some of the more advanced amendments to your site (for example, you might be happy doing blog posts, but want help when it comes to whole new pages or categories in your site), this is billed based on time spent at £40/hr.

  • From £140 (half day)

As part of your website design and build, you will receive a free guide to editing your site (download a sample), however you may decide hands-on training at your premises for you and or others would be helpful. This can be quoted for (it's dependant on location, complexity of your site and number of people requiring training).